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    Girls, remain engaged, learn essential skills, and all while having fun and growing in so many aspects!

    Coach Moon, is also an educator and has trained Jiu Jitsu for some time, it is evident that he is hands down great for this calling. Kids enjoy his classes. I definitely recommend this place!

    For all ages, adults and kids.

    Claudia Kim
  • Great Jiu Jitsu environment for kids and adults!! I had a great time training with everyone from Reign BJJ. I was welcomed with open arms ... Great place to train!!

    Christopher Maciejewski
  • I stopped in with a curiosity for Jiu Jitsu and was greeted by Coach Moon and the team with open arms. Everyone at Reign BJJ is friendly, engaging, and there to help you grow in yourself and the sport of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. If you have even an inch of curiosity, this is the place to check out and get involved.

  • excellent coaching by Coach Moon, no egos, clean mats and a great, friendly, talented, and respectful crew of people to roll with !!, what more can you ask for when you're looking for a place to train.

    Looking forward to bringing my son here when he's just a little bit older because the kids program looks equally awesome

    Osss !

    Robt B
  • Best place to learn for beginners and for those experienced! Moon is a phenomenal instructor and the people that attend classes are friendly and there to learn. I signed up my first class and look forward to coming in every chance I get.

    Bryce Perkins
  • My 4yr old has been going here for the last 2 months and really enjoys it. It has also really helped his self confidence. Coach Moon is amazing with the kids as are the other coaches. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive and there is a real family atmosphere.

    Ruth Farthing
  • Brand new school in Katy with super clean facility and cutting edge modern Jiu Jitsu. Perfect for kids and adults who want to learn the amazing martial art of Jiu Jitsu.

    Cliff Vaz
  • Great instructors and teachers. Very supportive. Quality of learning and improvement is the focus.

    Chongo Yu
  • wonderful coaches.. good family culture.. great place to learn s discipline

    Ingrid Hernandez
  • This is a great environment. I've always wanted to start Jiu Jitsu and decided to join this gym with my 5 yo son. Coach Moon is a great instructor and has been great and very patient with my son who was very afraid of doing it from the beginning. He's a lot more relaxed now and have been enjoying every class.

    Vitor Bertazoli

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