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Our mission at Reign Jiu Jitsu is to help those who are serious about achieving their physical goals and improving their athletic performance in Katy. Coach Moon has a background in coaching youth sports, martial arts, and personal training. Being passionate about learning about the science behind strength and conditioning, he provides services to individuals who seek to become athletic and to those who seek to utilize their body to their fullest potential.

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Why Choose Competition Training?

At Reign Jiu Jitsu, we incorporate the Speed-of-Sport system to our competition training. The Speed of Sport system provides an optimal developmental blueprint for athleticism. We continue to acquire knowledge of athletic performance and create a passion for others to realize that there is a breakthrough for barriers.

No matter your goals, our trainers will help you discover an individualized, sustainable solution. From Katy to Richmond, we're helping athletes rediscover their confidence and ignite a new passion!

Our process begins with the Athletic Assessment which gives us an athletic baseline to compare the athlete being tested with the correlating factors of elite athletes that seem "natural or genetically gifted" yet are actually highly replicable. This knowledge gives us an inside track to developing superior athleticism. So knowing where you need to be and where you currently are is critical with our training. Without the Athletic Assessment others are operating on guesswork. Prioritizing proper conditioning for the sport will allow the athlete to eliminate physical limitations that the sport training might not eliminate. ​ ​

Our training methods are based on Eastern Bloc training and designed to promote overall athleticism from the ground up and by strengthening all weaknesses discovered in our athletic assessment. The training modalities will develop energy systems, muscle equilibrium, power, speed-strength, proprioception, reactive-strength, fine-motor movement, flexibility, psychological strength (mental strength), and increasing aerobic capacity. Sample exercises can be found on our facebook and instagram page. ​

Individual and Small Group Sessions (no more than 4 for proper attention).

If you've struggled to get results in the past, that's okay! Our team at Reign Jiu Jitsu is here to connect you with all the resources necessary for you to meet and exceed your goals. Join us in Katy and get started with our unique approach to Competition Training!

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A trainer can help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively. Competition Training is about developing a personal relationship with the process and with your trainer so that you can work out in a way that's right for you. Join us at Reign Jiu Jitsu and get the best workout available in Katy!

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